The Purnell Group Works with Business Owners To Help Them Secure Their Future By Owning Their Building or Place of Business

As business owners we understand the importance of owning your own real estate as a way to secure your long term success. We collaborate with small and medium-sized business owners to help them arrange financing so they can own their place of business. We simplify the process and help facilitate your transition from tenant to 'tenant as landlord.'

The purpose of The Purnell Group is to be your bridge between leasing and owning your facility. We help you analyze the tax advantages of owning vs. leasing. We can advise you on effective ways to structure your ownership to ensure that you get the maximum tax advantages including depreciation, when you buy your own building.

Resources are available. We can also connect you with private equity dollars to help you finance your land or building purchase. We have long-standing relationships with banking and private equity sources that are interested in supporting small and medium-sized business owners take this important step toward ownership of their facilities.


So, what's the catch? There is no catch. We have a passion for helping small and medium business owners secure their future by owning their place of business instead of leasing. If you are confident in the future of your business, this is an excellent time to take steps to secure your future growth.

Here's how we can help:

  • Purchase the existing property where your business is currently located
  • Help you locate an Equity Partner to finance your purchase
  • Introduce you to banking relationships to help you during this important transition
  • Find another existing building or raw land to build your own facility