Real Life Success Stories Arranging to buy the building or real estate for your business is a big step. We understand. However, those business owners who have taken this decisive step have some exciting stories to tell. While each business is different, serving a wide variety of markets, all have some things in common such as:

  • They have been operating successfully for more than 5 years
  • They have had sales growth that is consistent and predictable
  • The have clearly defined markets and serve specific needs critical to each market

The following is a sample of business owners who have recently contacted us.

  • Pharmacy (In process)
  • Courier Service (In process)
  • Plumbing Supply Parts Company (In process)

Non-Success Stories

Sadly the years go by quickly and can result in the loss of a business, as was the case when my father lost the lease on his Northern Virginia furniture store. He had built up a successful business, but because he didn’t own the building, when the lease was gone, so was his years of hard work.